Hearing Savings Program

Better hearing helps you stay connected to life!


American Hearing Benefits (AHB) offers free hearing consultations and exclusive discounts on the latest hearing aid technology, including Bluetooth® setting, rechargeable hearing aids and sophisticated tinnitus products. Our program is designed to help members with their hearing needs and improves their quality of life through better hearing.  AHB is a division of Starkey Hearing Technologies, the only remaining American owned and operated hearing aid manufacturer.


It's proven that hearing health is related to quality of life.

American Hearing Benefits will help you and your family members take care of your hearing with access to free hearing consultations and significant discounts on hearing aids.  Our Hearing Care Advisors guide you through the process and will connect you with a hearing professional in your area to take full advantage of this valuable benefit.


To access this benefit, visit www.americanhearingbenefits.com/partners/NBBI or call 888-779-2862.

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